How to connect wired keyboard and mouse to PS4

This article makes sense of how to interface wired and wireless keyboards and mice and might you at any point utilize a keyboard and mouse with your PS4?, adjust settings for the keyboard and mouse, and work around games that don’t directly support them.

What You Need to Know

Connect a wired keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on the PlayStation 4’s front.

Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices to interface a remote/wireless keyboard or mouse. Select your device.

How to Connect a Wired Keyboard or Mouse to a PS4

Interfacing a Keyboard and mouse to your PlayStation 4 is basic: Connect your keyboard or mouse to the PS4’s USB port on the front.

The PS4 immediately recognizes the majority of devices and displays a keyboard or mouse icon to signal a connection.

Tips: Unfortunately, if the PS4 doesn’t perceive your specific image, there is nothing you can do about it. Driver installation and downloading are not supported on the PS4.

If You Are Out of USB Ports

The PlayStation 4 also allows you to connect a USB hub to one of its USB ports, allowing you to connect more USB devices to your keyboard. Use a USB hub to charge your controller or external drive while still using a wired keyboard and mouse.

How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse to a PS4

The procedure for connecting a wireless keyboard or mouse to a PlayStation 4 is comparable to the one for connecting a computer running Windows or Mac OS:

  • Sign in to your profile and go into the PS4’s Settings, which is the second thing from the right on the high-level menu.
  • In Settings, pick devices.
  • Bluetooth Devices are the first choice. To select it, press the controller’s X button.
The keyboard and mouse settings can be accessed from the Devices menu within the PS4 settings. Daniel Nations
The keyboard and mouse settings can be accessed from the Devices menu within the PS4 settings. Daniel Nations


  • 6. You ought to see your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse recorded. On the off chance that not, adhere to the device’s directions on making it discoverable and hang tight for a couple of moments for it to show up on the rundown.
  • To connect, click the X button next to the name of the device in the list.
  • Enter 0000 if you are asked for a code but do not know it.

Note: The PS4 is compatible with the majority of wireless keyboards and mice, but keyboard/mouse combo units that connect to a PC via a single USB transceiver key rather than Bluetooth may cause issues. The keyboard is typically the only one of these devices that the keyboard may recognize in this scenario.

Can settings for the mouse and keyboard be changed?

If you’re utilizing a nonstandard keyboard or left-gave mouse, you’re not staying with the default settings. The pointer speed as well as the keyboard and mouse can be customized to meet your requirements. You should first be in the device settings.
Sign in to your profile.

Select Settings from the high-level menu of the PS4.

Look down to the device and press the X button on the regulator.

You can switch to a left-handed mouse using the Mouse settings found under Devices. The pointer speed can also be set to either Fast, Normal, or Slow.

The keyboard settings let you pick another dialect if you’re not involving a standard keyboard that matches your language settings for the PS4. The Key Repeat setting can also be set to Short, Normal, or Long.

The PS4’s Key Repeat (Delay) setting lets you change how long the system waits before repeatedly pressing a key instead of just tapping it. The PS4 is instructed by the Key Repeat (Rate) how quickly to repeat the key after the delay timer has expired.

How You Can Manage the Mouse and Keyboard

Cool games that help a Keyboard and mouse on the PS4 include DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, Fortnite, Paragon, War Thunder, and Skylines. Thinking about what else you can do? You can:

Explore the web: You may not know it, but rather the PS4 comes with an internet browser. You can use the Library app to get to it. You might watch recordings from sites like DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Look for movies on Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix: When looking for that hard-to-find title, using streaming video apps is a lot easier with this setup.

Can you use a keyboard and mouse with your PS4?

The PS4 upholds keyboard and mouse controls — once in a while.

While a few games permit the use of a keyboard and mouse, others do not. Most of them won’t, and in some cases, using a keyboard and mouse will give you an advantage over players who use a controller and prevent you from participating in multiplayer.

Hardly any games locally support a Keyboard and mouse, however, you will want to utilize them to explore the framework menus and utilize the PS4’s internet browser. If you use your keyboard for its streaming apps or as a computer substitute rather than a gaming keyboard, this is helpful.

The PS4 has a lot of the same apps as your computer.
The PS4 has a lot of the same apps as your computer.

So which PS4 games in all actuality do uphold keyboard and mouse? Some of the most well-liked games that you can play on your PS4 with a keyboard and mouse are listed below, but this is not an exhaustive list.



Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



Final Fantasy XIV

On the positive side, playing with a transformation connector like the Xim4 is essentially as simple as connecting your mouse and keyboard to a USB center point. You only need to connect them to the adapter and the PS4 at the same time.

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